I love June because the new range starts to be visible and this year it is better than anything we have done before. I can hardly wait for the new beads to arrive and each day I look for the parcels I am just like the ice penguins waiting for their mates to arrive so that they can go to sea to eat. Not that I am going to eat the beads but you get my point.
I don’t open the parcels straight away I bide my time for the right moment that is when I am not going to get interruptions. Then I am in with the scissors cutting away the tape and tearing open the bags to see the fabulous beads inside. You cannot imagine how fantastic it is with the beads spilling out of their bags onto the table and mixing with other spilled beads………… it is like a treasure house of riches. Soon the new bracelets will emerge so keep your eyes on this page for photos of them as they emerge. I am off to swoooooooooooooon.. over them once again.