So many people have asked us if we teach? So now we are going to run classes for everyone.

Patrice is excited about it and has wanted to teach for a while now so this is his chance to shine.

Main goal is for people to work out how to twist and turn the wires and get the hang of making a piece of art. They begin making jewellery with their personal stamp and something very special for themselves and others.

All the equipment and the materials are supplied so students only need to turn up and bring their sense of humour with them.

My hairdresser jumped in and booked a place immediately when I told her.

So, looks as though we will have a few at the first class, which will be Wednesday 1st of November 2017 from till 3:00 with a stop for lunch during the day which is included in the price.

We also want to have a group enjoying themselves and having fun.

For a start we will open only two Wednesdays a month the first week and the fourth week.