Patrice Raisin - Artisan

The eighties boomed with handcrafted jewellery produced by many local artisans. Sadly the pool of artisans is disappearing as more and more craft/business people give up the struggle against cheaper imports.

It was in 1981 when the first model of a simple design having a catch incorporated into the overall design instead of an add on , came to mind.

After much experimenting and innovation, the base for our many variations was achieved and proved over and over again. The hardest thing is to stop creating new designs and at least give the good sellers time to be appreciated by a wider public.

Good quality beads is something that we insist upon, so much time is spent sourcing either semi-precious stones or glass sometimes polymer or metal.

When Patrice and his wife Dianne lived in French Polynesia the beautiful black pearls of that region were used as the centre gem to wrap with 18k gold wire.

Occasionally we will work on a design exclusively for a client when they are looking for a distinctive piece to call their own.

We aim to bring stylish folkloric bracelets to our customers, designs that show the warmth of each one being handled by the creator of the item not stamped out and picked of a production line.

Every twist and every curve has been individually shaped resulting in an item that is truly a signature piece. Often we only have one bead sometimes antique, we will change the design or create a new one to accommodate its features.

A piece of jewellery made by hand is like a handshake between two people the creator and the wearer a sign of recognition and mutual appreciation. No matter that sometimes the distance between the two is great, the link is still there.