Care Instructions
hand made be twisted

Materials, Wear and Care

Thank you for purchasing a BeTwisted bracelet they are the world’s most comfortable bracelets to wear, due to their close fit and the back fastening. Each bracelet is individually made by hand there are no machines used in our production.

Firstly, they are fashioned in copper wire and after careful examination sent to be electroplated in 24k Gold or Rhodium. Because they are heavily coated in precious metal, they can be worn in any sort of water and will never mark your skin.

Due to the expert electroplating they will keep their shine you will not be required to polish or clean them.

To put them on open the back catch and slide the opening over the side of your wrist at its narrowest. Place hook at the back of your wrist and fasten. If you find this difficult hold your wrist to your body during this operation to stop the bracelet spinning.

Then just wear, enjoy.

We wish you many years of contented wearing.